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Jun 4, 2013 - 1 minute read - Comments - Raspberry Pi

Updating py-gaugette to wiringpi2

Phillip Howard and Gordon Henderson recently announced the availability of WiringPi2 along with a new python wrapper WiringPi2-Python.

The python library name has changed from wiringpi to wiringpi2, so any application code referencing the module needs to be updated. I’ve forked py-gaugette to create a wiringpi2 branch. I plan to roll this into the master branch in the not-too-distant future. When I do, wiringpi2 will be a requirement for using py-gaugette.

Here’s how I installed the wiringpi2 libraries on my boxes:

Install WiringPi2

First install wiringPi. At the time of writing, it does not work to install with sudo pip install wiringpi2; the library builds and installs fine, but the version installed is not compatible with current version of WiringPi2-Python.

git clone git://
cd wiringPi
cd ..

Install WiringPi2-Python

git clone
cd WiringPi2-Python/
sudo python install
cd ..

Checkout py-gaugette for WiringPi2

git clone git://
cd py-gaugette
git checkout wiringpi2
cd ..