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Jan 24, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments - Switec X25

Attack of the Switec Clones?

Switec Clones When my eBay Switec X25.168 motors arrived, they didn’t look at all like the white motors with the “Switec” branding that I’ve been seeing online. I finally got around to tracking down what exactly they are. They have two identification numbers printed black on black: vid29-02p and d11455db. Motor Diagram It turns out that the first number is the model, and these are in reality VID29 series stepper motors from Hong Kong VID. Interestingly their data sheet includes details of recommended acceleration characteristics to bring the motors to full speed without visible and audible jitter. Cool cool cool.

Armed with that information I turned up what appears to be a third manufacturer, MCR Motor who call this motor the MR1108. The MCR data sheet lists the Switec and VID motors as alternatives.

The eBay seller had these marked unambiguously as X25.168 motors in their auction, but didn’t specifically say they were from Switec. I wonder if any of the eBay offers are actual Switec motors?