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May 25, 2012 - 2 minute read - Comments - Switec X25

Buyers Guide


I am aware of three companies manufacturing compatible motors. All appear to produce a good-quality product.


Switec was originally the technology arm of the Swiss watch company Swatch. The stepper business was sold off to Singapore-based Juken Technology in 2009. Switec motors are white, and have part numbers starting with “X”.


Hong Kong based VID also manufacture a range of similar motors. Their motors are black, and have a black model number starting with “vid”.


Chinese company MCR Motor manufacture a range of compatible motors. Their motors are white. with part numbers starting with “MR”.

X25 Product Numbers

Each manufacturer produces a number of variations of the motor.

Switec VID MCR Contacts Mounting Pegs Internal Stop Shaft
X25.156 rear no no standard
X25.166 rear no yes standard
X25.158 rear rear no standard
X25.168 VID29-02 MR1108 rear rear yes standard
X25.278 rear rear no long (+2mm)
X25.288 VID29-04 rear rear yes long (+2mm)
X25.559 front front no standard
X25.569 VID29-05 MR1107 front front yes standard
X25.579 front front no long (+2mm)
X25.589 VID29-07 front front yes long (+2mm)
X25.679 front front no long (+2mm)
X25.689 front front yes long (+2mm)

Other Switec Series

X23 Series

The X23 motors have an a hollow metal shaft encasing a transparent light guide to make it possible to have an illuminated pointer.

X26 Series

The X26 motors are dual-shaft analog clock motors. The model numbers are X26.101, X26.103, X26.123, X26.504. See the the “Switec Series Buyers Guide” in the Resources for more details.

X27 Series

The X27 motors are a new line replacing the X25 series. The X27 part numbers mirror the X25 series.

X12 Motor Drivers

The X12 part numbers refer to a series of driver chips developed by Switec. I have not been able to locate a supplier of these chips since shut down.


I have not found any well-known online store supplying these parts. They are cheap and plentiful on ebay. However it can be difficult to determine exactly what you are getting; these motors are generally sold as Switec X25 replacements, without clearly specifying the manufacturer.

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