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The Chumby Forums Are Gone?

Spoiler alert: no, the forums are not gone. It was back, but it looks like problems with the anti-spam feature are not fully resolved. Thanks to Duane for his hard work getting the forum back up.

Following close on the news that Chumby Industries has stopped trading, today their incredibly useful discussion forum has gone off-line. That’s bad news for folks looking to keep their Chumby alive as the ecosystem shuts down, and for those of us who have been using the forums to collaborate on kernel development and the OpenEmbedded image.

Zurk’s offline firmware is available on sourceforge, and of course my OE resources are still available on github.

At the moment the Chumby source files are still available, but given where things seem to be headed, I’ve taken the precaution of taking a snapshot of that server.

So what’s next? If you want to be part of the Chumby community maybe the dormant Chumby Users Group is the place to start. Nope, the Google group appears to be dead, new posts are not being propagated.